Important Ranking Factors in SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a process of increasing the visibility of the web pages and websites on the search engine. It is an Organic method to increase the ranking. Seo depends on many factors which decide the ranking of any webpage.In this article, we would discuss few factors which would help in increasing the ranking of any webpage.

The Content is called King because it is the one which has complete information on the topic and has a wide spectrum of the topic which is closely related. We have to think from the user point of view as the user should get useful information from the content and it must have the visual content too so that the user is completely engrossed in it. We should always look for quality rather than quantity.There is a relationship between quality of the content and length of the content. High ranking content is one which has comparatively longer length.

Backlinks are the strongest factor when it comes to ranking factor in the search algorithm of Google. Backlinks coming from keywords with anchor text have more value than the domains that have high authority.Backlinks factors should be paid close attention as it should follow google update like Penguin 4.0

Google announced the mobile first indexing in November 2016. If Mobile usability is poor then search ranking of a site will be affected. These days mobile usage is increasing, so it is advisable to optimize mobile version website first so that user gets a better experience.The local results are changing drastically with the mobile first approach of the Google.

The Page speed of the webpage has become a very factor as the mobile-first indexing has introduced. The Website which has a slower loading time will have a lower ranking on search and will have the hard time to move ahead in ranking. The main aim of the Google update is that there should be good user experience with the website that is ranking at the top.

The Domain is also considered as one of the most important factors when it comes to ranking. Google algorithm has Two factors: First, the domain contains exact match so it carries lots of weight and the second one is domain age. So the new one which recently introduced on the search engine is going to have a hard time for ranking on the top whereas the one which is old enough is still holding the top positions.

The SEO Strategies will have a big impact because of the above-mentioned Ranking factor and if you want to have a positive impact then you must go for SEO service.

We hope you understood what are the ranking factor for ranking higher on a search engine. Do share our article with your fellows. Your reviews are appreciated.

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