Time Management for Developers

Time Tracking

A developers planning is 80% of research on thinking about perfect logic with execution flow and 20% execution. When creating a software, spending 80% of the time in research, while 20% is spent completing the actual work.

How you re planning to execute it?
Mornings are when most of us are freshest, and that’s why it’s a good time to drill through the tough tasks. Leave the easier ones for later in the day, that’s what I do.
If there is any task which is time consuming then divide the tasks into chunks and allocate an hour or two per day towards that project. This is not as exhausting on your mind and will prevent feelings of failure if the larger task is not completed in a shorter time frame.

How will you execute it?
Now as you have the list of the task with you, prioritize the task as per its complexity as well as urgency. I always attempt to stick with 5-7 major tasks and prioritize them from hardest to easiest.

Your next question would be what if I have a number of task on same priority. The answer is you can always delegate them. If someone can finish a task quicker and better, ask them to do it. We all have special skill sets, and when everyone is working in unison, things run much smoother. Make sure others also rely on using you for your top talent. This tip will not only help you manage your personal time but also the company’s.

Plan Disruptive Periods
This is something tricky but still has to be implemented. In simple words, it’s just checking your communication media for messages/email that is extremely important. Also, make sure that other times you don’t get into any disruptions, have all notifications shut off for things like emails, texts and instant messages so there’s no temptation to check.

Have Some Downtime for Yourself
I also recommend taking some time to yourself throughout the day, whether that’s a 10-minute walk outside or turning your focus off your screen and onto a book. For me, the downtime is during lunch, I don’t skip my lunch unless the task at hand is unbelievably timely or I have a meeting/call with an important client.

Beware Of Multitasking
People pride themselves on their ability to multitask, but when the mind jumps from one project to another — for instance, from designing machine learning algorithms to helping someone with a client research project — it takes about 15 minutes to get fully focused on the task at hand.
Multitasking clouds focus, and all of those 15 minutes refocusing back and forth throughout a day add up. Remain focused on a single task for the amount of time you’ve allocated for it, then move on.

Altogether, the above ways will help you out in delivering the quality work in short time. Definitely, the Planning and execution ratio should work as you manage your activities. Success can be measured by many things, from creating top-selling software to running a multibillion-dollar business, but many of these success stories are rooted in great time management. If you want to see your stress subside and your progress improves, utilize these tips and stick with them.

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